New customer

I am a new customer, what should I do?

First of all, congratulations! You made the right choice by choosing VDS-Food as a partner for your professional success! We also thank you for your trust.

5 essential steps for a new client

As a new customer, some paperwork must be completed in order to benefit from the advantages of our professional customers:

  1. Visit the counters to indicate that you are a new customer and fill in the registration form that you will receive. Your documents will be mailed to you or await you at our store.
  2. Make your purchases while we take care of your documents. 
  3. Before scanning, you can pick up your customer card at the counter
  4. Present your customer card at the scanning point before they are scanned in case you wish for an invoice.
  5. Payment is made at the counter on the basis of the counter ticket that was given to you at the scanning. You will receive your invoice.

Congratulations! You are now a customer of VDS-Food!

Professional customer card


  1. This card can be used for professional purchases only
  2. It is important to notify us of any change of address or status (so your bills are legally in order)
  3. In case of theft or loss, let us know so that we can block your card and make a new one.

In practice

To get a customer card when you come to our stores for the first time, you have to go to the counter before making your purchase. You will be asked to:

  • fill out a form "Request for bcustomer card"
  • provide an "official document of VAT"

While we register you as a customer and create your card, you can make your purchases. Collect your customer card at the counter BEFORE you let your purchases be scanned.

Official document of the VAT?

What is it?

It is a document certifying your VAT number. This can be:

  • a copy of a bank transfer addressed to the VAT
  • the document you received when you registered for VAT, stating the VAT number that has been assigned to you
  • the statutes of your company (if it is actually recorded in the Belgian official law journal) and a photocopy of the identity card of the manager. (We can search your articles for you.)

A single strain of VAT (which can be in the possession of anyone) is not included as an official document of VAT


We will not perform control over your purchases or otherwise. If we ask you for this document, it is in order to avoid that someone else can make professional purchases with your VAT number
This approach protects everyone, both you as us.

If I do not have my document, what to do?

You can make your first purchases in our store without having provided proof of VAT

However, the office staff will ask for a VAT document. If after several times your VAT document has not reached us, your customer card will be blocked until you provide this document. It is therefore very important to provide it as soon as possible.

Optionally, you can fax your document 02/543 19 18 (Brussels Store), 010/48 96 95 (Store Wavre) 04/377 98 97 (Store Liège)

Stores, opening hours, payment methods, how to place an order?

Most of our products can be bought individually or by box, the price per box is often more advantageous (2%).

Purchases made in our stores must be paid immediately via:

  • Cash (cash)
  • Ticket restaurant - Monizze
  • Bancontact - Please note that we do not accept credit cards!

Deliveries must be paid in cash.

When placing an order, we recommend that you use our webshop! The process will be greatly facilitated by its use.
Otherwise, during the day, you can place your order by calling us, sending us a fax (02/543 19 18 Brussels - 04/377 98 97 Liège - 010/48 96 95 Wavre) or via mail (,, This may relate to a delivery or pick up. It is always important when you place an order to indicate:

  • Name of customer or restaurant;
  • Commune and / or address (or possibly client No.);
  • Phone or mobile phone number to reach you in case of problems;
  • Indicate whether it concerns a delivery or a pick up (as well as the date of delivery or pcik up);
  • The desired products (description as complete as possible, possibly product code) and the desired quantity;

Outside office hours, the answering machine allows you to leave your order.

Finally, you can compile an order list on our webshop. It allows you to establish your orders more quickly. For assistance, please contact our Marketing Department (02/543 19 19).

Our folder

Each month, we send our professional customers a folder with monthly promotions. The first 15 blue pages concern promotions of the month (thus valid from the 1st until the last day of the month). These will have:

  • major promotions;
  • promotions for fish;
  • promotions for meat;
  • promotions for fruit and vegetables, dry products and dairy products;
  • promotions for wines and desserts;

The 4 last yellow pages involve weekly promotions (1 page per week) and generally substantial reductions for purchases per box.

At the back of the folder you will find a map of our stores in Liège and Brussels and various contact information.

Always remember to look at the top of the page: the validity dates of the promotion are specified here.

The prices mentioned in our folder are the prices without VAT, that is to say the prices when you use your customer card.


We also deliver your professional orders at home. However, we can not promise a specific delivery time. If you want your order to be delivered the same day, you have to place it before 7:00 a.m. 

Depending on the delivery area, the minimal amount for your order has to be 300€, 400€ or 850 €. From 850 € without VAT, we ​​offer a discount of 2%. Deliveries have to be paid in cash.

Upon receipt, please check if your order is correct and corresponds with the invoice. Report any errors as quickly as possible (ideally immediately to the driver). Claims must be transmitted to us within 24 hours.