Who are we ?

VDS-Food is a wholesaler of food products for restaurants and large kitchens with over 5000 professional customers. Our shops are situated near the trainstation of Brussels South, in the industrial Barchon near Liege and recently in the industrial area of Wavre North.

Fifty years ago, a poultry dealer came up with the idea of the delivery of chicken by bike. He was also one of the first in Belgium to engage in the sale of prawns and squid. The company Van Den Steen quickly gained a good reputation among many restaurants. In 1985 the company moved to Belgradostreet. Since 2002, the store, now fully renovated and equipped with a self-service and self-scanning (cash & carry), is managed by Stéphane Van de Moortele and his wife Paola De Lille. In recent years, they have made significant investments in equipment and staff. Their goal is to offer a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices combined with a customer-friendly service.

Always seeking to satisfy their customers, VDS-Food has recently expanded and completely renovated their shops in order to focus on fresh products. Currently, VDS-Food has one store in Brussels of 3000 m² of surface, one building in Liege of 6000 m² and in september 2015 a building of 5000 m² was added. These buildings are equipped with freezing and refrigeration spaces controlled by a computerized system for the measurement of the temperature. A package of measures also contributes to the accuracy and efficiency of loading and unloading. With its fleet of trucks, VDS-Food supplies its professional customers at home. VDS-Food has made a name in the delivery of food products, both fresh and frozen. It is also possible to pick up the products at the stores. In this case, you have the opportunity to see the full range of products and as professional customer you will receive a discount of almost 7%.

Due to the high turnover of its products and the relatively small size of the dynamic team, VDS-Food offers a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices.

The daily supply of fresh fish and shellfish comes mainly from Zeebrugge, the Netherlands, Denmark and Boulogne-sur-Mer. VDS-Food also offers a wide assortment of frozen fish and shellfish.

Promoting fresh meat, VDS-Food focuses on quality at a competitive price. The company completes its range of fresh meat with frozen products such as lamb, veal and beef. VDS-Food can also provide you with poultry and venison, fresh as well as frozen. Additionally, VDS-Food offers its clients a wide range of directly imported foreign meat, both fresh and frozen. This allows VDS-Food to offer you the best quality/price ratio for these products!

You can complete your shopping list with fresh or frozen pre-cut vegetables, ice and pastry. In addition, you are at the right place to purchase your oils, spices, sauces, cheeses, wines and non-food products.

To discover the full range of VDS-Food, ask for the free monthly brochure containing a price list and countless offers! You can also view our brochure online.