Our Cash&Carry's


Our store located in Forest (461, avenue Van Volxem) is easily accessible due to a strategical location near the the station of Brussel South and accessible via the ring, exit 17 (Anderlecht Industry).

This Cash&Carry contains all our fresh and frozen products. In this store we have large stocks of our products. You can easily obtain large quantities of products at competitive prices.

In this urban VDS-Food you can also find 2000 m² of dry products (oils, sauces, pasta, rice, soups, spices, ...), beverages (wine, coffee and water) as well as non-food (plates, glasses, service equipment, ...).

Our store was enlarged and renovated in 2017.


In the immediate vicinity of Liege, our 6,000 m ² store at Barchon offers our full range of products. You will find well over 7,000 products, food,  beverages as well as non-food.

In this store we have several freezers with removable compartments that can store 800 pallets of frozen products. Thereofre, we can import frozen products directly and thus offer you the best price on the market!

Finally, this store also has 1,000 solar panels on the roof. Due to this investment, VDS-Food can reduce its operating costs by the production of its own energy. Again, an investment which our customers can benefit directly from!


Close to Brussels, our store in Wavre of approximately 4500m² offers you our complete product range. You will find over 7,000 food products, drinks and non-food.

This store, conveniently located in the industrial area Wavre North with direct access to highway E411 is easy to access and has been designed to simplify the lives of our customers.

This store, like our store in Liege, has been equipped with solar panels and other technologies that allow us to reduce our operating costs and thus offer you the best possible quality/price ratio!